Hi, I am Malene!

I help consultants, coaches, speakers, and other experts become course creators and build their business and personal brand online - and to self-publish non-fiction books.

For some, this means leaving their 9-5 to start a teaching or coaching business.
Others want to add a digital course as a new income stream to their business.
For both of those segments, I teach how to publish their branded book to build authority and clout. 

Creating digital courses and other online programs allows them to have unlimited income and unlimited flexibility in their business. I teach them how to get clarity in their business, defining their brands, create products that will produce happy customers, and to build the marketing and sales systems that will allow them to shine, sell, and have the level of income and freedom they want.

I do NOT believe in passive income. I do believe money follows quality work and passion though. And I find it a necessity to have income streams that have unlimited sales potential and can have a high degree of automation so that you as a business owner will also have time for your, family, friends, fun, and exploring the world's best opportunities.

I draw on decades of business experience with creative business modeling, digital marketing, and book publishing being the highlights. Furthermore, I have been teaching in different contexts since the beginning of e-learning in the '90s.

I hold an Executive MBA and am educated in Marketing, Management, Business Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Life. However, I am proudest of being an inspiration to my now-adult children, a great friend and companion, and of making time with my granddaughter a high priority in my life. Don't be surprised if she is visiting one of my classes from time to time!

After leaving my successful corporate career in 2013, all I wanted to do was travel and dance my Cuban salsa and sing gospel. I went on I don't know how many vacations until I realized, I would soon have to find a way to work from anywhere.

I started a consulting business and decided to go to Peru. Long story short, this led to a job as the CEO of a self-publishing company in Latin America and I ended up staying 2 years in Peru and later 3 months in Asia before I head home to Denmark.

I now consider myself a digital nomad spending 8-9 months in Denmark per year and working from around the world in beautiful outdoor environments the rest of the year. At this moment, writing this to you, I am sitting in front of my tent on an Andalusian mountainside with a front view of the Sierra Nevada. 

Since 2017, I have been helping primarily female entrepreneurs build their personal brand business via online courses, self-published books, and digital marketing. Below you find the 5 corner stones of my business.


I have learned how to help my students overcome fear and reluctance to marketing and selling. I discovered how this particular factor is guilty of keeping them from success because I have been there myself. This made me dive into the history of marketing and the origin of this fear - and into what successful people do differently. This was the beginning of my personal authorship.

My book 'Marketing Made Human: The Art and Science of Creating a Lovable Brand' shows personal brands how to change their mind about marketing and learn how to have fun and actually enjoy and see the value for the prospect in this process. 


It was also the starting point of Course Creators Shine & SellTM that helps you clarify your brand, create marketing systems and sell comfortably, confidently, and effectively.

If you want a step-by-step guide to learn marketing with a focus on implementation, mindset, and creative strategies this membership may be just right for you. It is specifically designed for new course creators and creators struggling to sell what they created.

You can have the best of both worlds: Systems that focus on automation to give you more free time AND bringing human connection back at the center stage of marketing.

The program is currently running as part of the free Facebook Group (see #5)


The other signature product in my portfolio is the book publishing program Experts Published. Are you ready to take the stage for real and mark your territory? Do you want to raise your authority in your niche? Or take advantage of some of the biggest often overlooked search engines like Amazon? Then maybe you should publish your signature book. 

All my Author Programs are based on the same process and designed specifically for course creators and others with significant knowledge in one specific area. The process is designed to help you write and self-publish the right non-fiction book for your business. Using this process, it is possible that you are an author within the next 3-4 months, some even less.

Find the solution that works for you; self-study, personal coach, or the highly popular program Experts Published with video training, weekly Q&A, and several rounds of personal feedback on your work. 


I already mentioned my book but there is also my podcast Marketing Made Human for Course Creators. In my show, I invite guests on the show to share their business journey and teach important marketing strategies in addition to also presenting a variety of topics myself. 

Get an overview of the episodes as well as links to where to listen here:

The Podcast: Marketing Made Human for Course Creators


The free Facebook Group Course Creators Café is a place to hang out with like-minded people, ask questions about course creation, and get feedback from the community. I teach useful strategies and share important information. Stay updated and stay connected by joining this group. 


That's it, friend.

I hope I will get the chance to help you transform your business and your life too!

To your success!